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Mission Statement:

Our products are the only brands made with your skin health in mind. Developed by medical professional, our products do not carry false claims and comply with the FDA labeling regulations. Our products are "Healthy", formulated with ingredients with well-documented protective and repairing properties for UV effects on skin and are made with 100% natural ingredients and all ingredients are listed in our website. Unfortunately, because tanning products are considered cosmetics, and thus unregulated by the FDA, many companies make claims that are not true and most often can cause more skin damage during exposure to UV in tanning beds.

Be an informed customer. Don't believe all the gimmicks you read on labels and learn to question the validity of those claims. The following are some of the most common misconceptions about tanning products, and how they can do more damage to your skin:

1- Tanning accelerators (or intensifiers, magnifiers, etc): The truth is that there are no ingredients that can make anyone tan faster or deeper. Only 2 factors determine how fast and how deep you tan: Your genetics and the extent & frequency of exposure to UV. If a substance is to alter a biological process (melanin production), it would have to be classified as a "drug". Thus any claims of ingredients magically  accelerate or intensify your tan are false. If you need a proof, simply ask your doctor or pharmacist if they know of any substance that can increase melanin production and see for yourself when they tell you that they haven't heard of anything that does. Ask the store you are buying from which ingredient accelerates tanning and watch them mute and if the the rare event they will suggest something, google it and see for yourself that it is probably false information.

The only thing these so-called tanning intensifiers/accelerators do intensify or accelerate is the damage to your skin. Most of these products add the sunless tanning ingredient (Dihydroxyacetone or DHA) to the lotion to give an impression that you tanned faster. Unlike the actual tan your body develop from UV exposure, a sunless tan does not provide any protection against UV (see how sunless tanning work below). The result is that you may get a false impression that you developed a real tan and thus increase your frequency of tanning and harm your skin.

2- The triple/quadruple/multiple bronzers: There is simply only one FDA approved bronzer which is sunless tanning ingredient (Dihydroxyacetone  or DHA). Anything else is just bogus.

3- How sunless Tanning work: The sunless tanning or the bronzer is a substance called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It works by interaction with certain amino-acids in the outer dead layer of your skin forming a light tan color. This color is totally different than the actual tan you develop naturally through increased melanin production when you are exposed to UV light. The sunless tan is just a color and this is why it fades away within 5 days when the outer layer of your skin falls out. This also why you wear gloves when you apply and avoid getting it on your palms, soles of feet and put less on elbows and knees (because you have more thick layer of dead skin in these areas so the color would be more intense or orange). The bronzer (sunless tanning) can be used as an alternative to tanning or when you want to look tanned between the actually tanning (exposure to UV). There is no benefit to using it at the same time you are using a tanning bed (except to give you a false impression that you tanned faster).

4- Tingling Products: This is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. A tingle (skin reddening) is an inflammation reaction. It is not advised to expose an inflamed skin to UV as this can results in development of post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation or uneven dark spots or patches. Need a proof? You are always advised not to tan after using exfoliating creams and people are always advised to avoid the sun after cosmetic surgeries, right? This is because inflamed reddened skin should not be exposed to UV.

5- Coded ingredients: Coded complexes are just a trick to make customers think that a product is all that to justify high pricing. Actually products with coded ingredients are in violation of the FDA fair label act. If you develop an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients, you will not be able to know what cause your allergy.


Beautiful products for beautiful women! Our superior scientific and artistic advantage is what make our products stand out from the competition. Please check out our ingredients and see how they are 100% natural and they would make your skin feels like velvet.

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Tan Accentuating Lotions 

Show off your tan & look as if your skin is made of gold satin by adding some glow to your skin. Made of the finest light reflecting natural silicates, our Tan-accentuating shimmering lotions comes in four shimmers to choose from: Diamond dust, Sparkling gold, Gold and silver. Look and feel like a star!

Featured Products

A New generation of Healthy Tanning Products!
Our tanning lotions are developed with your skin health in mind. They are designed to minimize & repair the effects of UV on your skin while you tan. Made of 100% natural ingredients & with an artist-designed stunning packaging, our products stand out from the rest. Amazing scents that makes you smell nice all day!

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